10 Oscar Nominees Who Waited Longer Than Leo For A Win

We’re not going to lie—part of us hopes Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t get an Oscar come Sunday. Why? Mostly because we’ll miss the Leo-gets-snubbed-by-the-Oscars memes. THEY ARE GLORIOUS:


That being said, we really think everyone should stop their whinging about five-time-nominated Leo not getting the golden statue just yet. His frequent on-screen love (and obvious soulmate, GET TOGETHER ALREADY) Kate Winslet won a much-deserved Academy Award on her sixth nomination and you didn’t hear an avalanche of grumbling over that wait, now did you? To put Mr. DiCaprio in perspective, here’s a whole crop of Oscar nominees who had to wait a hell of a lot longer than five measly nominations to nab that coveted gold man:

1. Victor Young, composer: 21 nominations, before winning posthumously for Around the World in 80 Days in 1957.

2. Kevin O’Connell, sound mixer: 20 nominations, still no Oscar.

3. Randy Newman: 16 nominations, before winning in 1981 for Best Song and Score for Ragtime.

4. Thomas Newman, composer: 12 nominations, still no Oscar.

5. Geraldine Page, actress: 7 nominations, before winning Best Actress in ‘86 for The Trip to Bountiful.

6. Paul Newman, actor: 7 nominations, before winning an honorary Oscar in 1985 (he’d win his first honest-to-goodness Best Actor Oscar the following year for The Color of Money.)

7. Peter O’Toole, actor: 7 nominations, before winning an honorary Oscar in 2003 (he would later win Best Actor for Venus in ’07).

8. Al Pacino, actor: 7 nominations, before winning Best Actor for Scent of a Woman in ‘93.

9. Martin Scorsese, director: 6 nominations, before winning for The Departed in 2007.

10. Alexandre Desplat, composer: 6 nominations, still no Oscar.


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