Timeflies Tuesday, Buy In Now

The first time I was really introduced to these guys was last fall when my friend Dave (he’s a great guy) sent me the Timeflies Tuesday, “Royals” remix. I had later on realized that I had indeed heard them before, but this was the first time I was IN LOVE. I must have listened to it 50 times on repeat that day alone.

I got my best friend hooked (she’s a great gal) and needless to say that Friday evening we were planning on going out but as we were getting ready we just kept watching videos on videos on videos on videos of these guys and never made it out. We sat there, like two 14-year-old fan girls fawning over the fellas of Timeflies, Cal and Rez (specifically Cal, but Rez is cool too).

© Andrew ZaehThis music duo started when they met in college while attending Tufts #BostonStrong (fun fast: all of us from The Judgery attended Boston University where we met and fell in love). Their biggest claims to fame are the YouTube videos they release almost every week, called Timeflies Tuesday. Each video is different but the best ones are when Rez is spinning a beat while Cal freestyles (and he actually freestyles) over a popular song.

Their breakout hit, coming from my favorite Disney movie of all time, was “Under the Sea”. Gold, pure effin gold.

You could say I’m biased. I’m a tad obsessed with Cal, but with good reason. He’s talented. He can freestyle. He can sing, like REALLY sing. He’s hot, like REALLY hot. He’s from the NY area. Boston educated. His one downfall is that he’s a Red Sox fan (LET’S GO YANKEES). And finally, he’s hot…

cal 1

Like REALLY hot (not to mention a Rangers fan. LET’S GO RANGERS)…


Today their first real legit album is being released, After Hours. The few originals I have heard from them have all been great. Their only original that has been on the radio at all is “I Choose U.”  They’re playing tonight in the city at Terminal 5. Go support the boys. Buy their album, and become a fan.

My BFF and I (like I said, we still act like we are 14) went to their last tour when they came to NYC. They were phenomenal. We had a few cocktails in us but mainly because we were in the pit with a ton of teenie boppers grinding on each other and we just wanted to make it clear that we could legally booze and they couldn’t. Either way, Timeflies was bomb. They really do have a little something for everyone…

Disney fans:

Game of Thrones fans:

Miley fans (are there any left?):

People still listening to Call Me Maybe (me):

Greatest place in the World baby:

PS KFC from NYC Barstool interviewed them the other day. Take a Listen.

PPS I’m a stoolie.


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