One Direction: Where We Are Tour

Last Monday evening I attended the One Direction concert. Before the judgments come, I was “chaperoning” my younger cousin and her friend. That’s not to say that I wasn’t MORE than happy to take the job off my aunt’s hands, as I myself am a not so secret One Direction fan.

SO WHAT??? I’m a fan of pop music — who isn’t? I’m a fan of all things British, as many other fellow Americans, re: my study abroad semester in London. I’m a fan of boy bands — I’m still one of Justin Timberlake’s biggest fans per my middle school OBSESSION with NSYNC. And I’m a fan of cute (slash sexy) boys (slash men) — yes, yes I know they’re younger than my old ass but YOLO (at least they’re legal).

Fan or not, these fellas have completely taken over everything, especially the global female tween population. Bieber who?

1d 4

So let’s settle in the scene. I’m coming off a long weekend, it’s busy season at work and I had to ask my boss to leave on time so I can go watch these boys serenade young girls. Awkward. Luckily, my boss is a blockhead soooo she gets it. We wait in a massive line just to park at Met Life. We finally get in and all I see are crop tops, pimples and grumpy parents. We arrived just in time to miss most of the opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer, a wayyyy less hotter version of the 1D members. At least they all play instruments?

The boys finally appear. The squeals are nothing I’ve heard before. They come out with a bang singing “Midnight Memories,” the same name of their album. Right off the bat you can see why they’re so loved. They are absolutely delicious. DELICIOUS. They sing to the crowd. BUT at the end of the day, all they are really doing is walking/running/gyrating up and down the stage. THEY DON’T DANCE. I knew that going in but never really processed it because I’ve only ever seen them sing one or two songs at a time, but when its two hours of that, it’s not so special.

Niall plays the guitar, I’m not actually sure how well but at least he tries, right? On top of that, he is probably #2 most loved member of the group. He comes across very humble. He loves the crowd, they love him. He was overall great.


Then there’s Liam. HOTTAAY. He’s witty. And cute. And I enjoyed him. Not really much more to say about him. He’s a solid member, but sort of just there.

One Direction "Where We Are" Tour - New Jersey

Louis is doot. Don’t like his hair. He’s a crap singer. He should be thanking his lucky stars every day that he’s in that group. (I have read that he writes a bunch of their songs so I GUESS there’s that).


Zayn. UGH Zayn. Brooding all over the stage, looking dark and sad. Not sure his microphone was even on? You have to project Zayn. It’s a shame because I love his voice. He Looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there, which is disappointing. He’s ridiculously good looking. He has such potential to be a huge star. Buck up dude. You’re young, rich, famous and hot. Be better, be happy. Oh, AND the kid’s engaged. Don’t even get me started on this. I’m not sure anyone would advise a normal 21 year old to tie the knot, but someone with the whole world at his fingertips? Come on.


Then there’s Harry. <3. My favorite. I know, I know, I’m unoriginal. That face. Those dimples. He just oozes sex. Not sure how any straight female could resist. He was made for this life. He knows how to work the stage. He makes the crowd feel special, winking and smiling and waving. And we eat it up. He tries to make it easy for fans to take pictures of him and with him during the entire show. He’s a good singer. He’s gracious and seems like he genuinely enjoys every second of being on that stage. I mean there’s not much else to say. You’ve seen him right????????????

harry 4
harry 5
harry 7

IN CONCLUSION, 1D is great and I’d go see them again next week but they are definitely no NSYNC. A group like BSB or NSYNC truly entertained. Adults would go to their shows, knowing maybe one or two songs and they could still enjoy themselves. These UK guys essentially just stood there and sang. Not that there’s anything with that, but when you’ve seen greatness, it’s hard to forget. This poor generation, they have no clue what they’re missing out on…

Then again…


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